Featured Work

Georgia Board of Physicians

Georgia Board of Physicians

Role: Lead developer
Led State of Georgia’s Physicians Workforce Data site build using React and DKAN Datastore API

Brightpoint Health

Brightpoint Health

Role: Lead developer
Updated site with new programming information, SEO optimizations, testing, and deployment to production environment.

React Dash

React Dash Library

Role: Co-author and lead developer
Developed in-house framework for building data dashboards using React

TOR Network Relay Operator

Georgia Board of Physicians

Role: Tor relay operator
Set up and administered gigabit TOR relay.



Role: Lead developer
Build prototype of Viddler interactive video player with Rain Everywhere agency.

Mt Airy Baseball

Mt Airy Baseball website

Role: Lead developer
Drupal 7 website featuring custom registration system, e-commerce integration, league statistics, and much more.

Visualization Entities

Visualization Entity Module

Role: Javascript Developer
Feature development, bug fixes, and implementations of DKAN’s Visualization Entity data vis and mapping module.

DKAN Open Data Portal


Role: Javascript Developer
Bug fixes, features, and development on DKAN open data platform

American Institute for Innovative Apprenticeships

American Institute of Innovative Apprenticeship

Role: Lead developer
Wordpress – built custom theme, content types, and page templates for client.

HRC Campaign Management

HRC Logo

Role: developer
API development for HRC marriage equality campaign canvassing app (with Rain Everywhere Agency).

Georgia State Charter Schools

Georgia Charter Schools Dashboard

Role: Lead Developer
Led implementation of Georgia State Charter Schools Commission Annual Dashboard Report


Philly Open 311 Data Explorer

Technology: NodeJS / GraphQL / React
I built this interactive data visualization tool for interra.io/visualization as a proof of concept — an example of a reusable open-source stack for generating geospatial insights from open data. Many cities, including Philadelphia, use the Open311 standard (technically GeoReport v2). By standardizing data formats we create the opportunity to build widely reusable tools. Conversely, by building smart, decoupled tools we create the opportunity for clients and users to explore different data with minimal overhead.
to discuss your data visualization needs.


Web development

I specialize in javascript development (NodeJS, React, and more) and have experience with other web platforms including Django, Drupal, and WordPress. Want a website built? Need help with an existing site?

Technology consulting

I’ve spent a decade in tech. From setting up record-keeping practices to web and application development, mapping, data analysis, and trend forecasting, I have experience across a wide variety of technologies and am always learning more. Need help with a tech strategy?

Geospatial and Data Insight

I co-founded interra.io to deliver open data solutions and products to governments and organizations.

Technical Repertoire

(Link to code samples: )

Front End

  • React
  • Elm
  • ES6


  • PostGIS
  • Leaflet
  • d3


  • Tensorflow

Back End

  • NodeJS
  • GraphQL
  • Python


  • Postgres
  • MongoDB
  • SQLite


  • Linux system administration
  • Apache / NGINX
  • Continuous Integration
  • Configuration Management


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